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Other name: 北斗 -ある殺人者の回心- Hokuto Aru Satsujinsha no Kaishin Hokuto ~ Aru Satusjinsha no Kaishin Hokuto: Some Murderer's Conversion

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Crime, Drama, Psychological, Tragedy


20-year-old Hokuto is being detained as a murderer and tells his court-appointed lawyer Takai Soichi to get him the death penalty. Hokuto was actually severely abused by his parents in his childhood and starved of love. He met Kondo Ayako who became his foster mother through child welfare services and learned love for the first time. Released from the darkness of his mind, he started to feel like a new person but he is made sport by bizarre fate and becomes a murderer.
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